Vegetable Exports (avocado)

Vegetable Exports (avocado)

ETK worked with a Kenyan avocado grower to build their internal capacity for market growth and expansion.

The company needed to develop three key areas:

  1. Compliance and agricultural standards for the export of Avocado to EU markets covering sizing, quality and other specific requirements from an EU buyer (introduced by ETK)
  2. Financial systems and access to trade finance through our local partners
  3. General administration and controls in the business

Project Outcomes

  1. Successful trade finance relationship was established with a local financial institution, guaranteed by the Purchase Orders ETK had secured
  2. Standardised sizing, quality and pricing for the avocado exports, establishing trust between the supplier and the buyer
  3. Increased the turnover of the business by 1056% within the first month of project implementation
  4. Established strong internal structures within the business, enabling growth and expansion

ETK ensured that ripening was kept under control as this became a persistent problem at the beginning of the process. The orders became regular when this issue was resolved.

Project Details