Juice Concentrate

Juice Concentrate

ETK worked with a UK-based juice concentrate company that has over 100 years of operation. The company was looking to expand its operations and export to the African market, specifically Nigeria. ETK provided the necessary support to help the company successfully enter the market.

The first step in the process was to connect the client with reliable suppliers in the Nigerian market. ETK’s vast network of local contacts and in-depth knowledge of the market, allowed for a smooth and efficient introduction. The company was able to secure new business by working with these suppliers and leveraging on their expertise.

In addition to connecting the company with suppliers, ETK also provided ongoing support throughout the process. Our team worked closely with the client to ensure that all necessary steps were taken to comply with local regulations and secure new business. This included providing assistance with the acquisition process, negotiating terms, and ensuring that all contracts were executed correctly.

The result of our efforts was a successful market entry for the client as the company was able to establish a foothold in the Nigerian market and expand its operations, which allowed it to reach a new customer base and increase its revenue.

In conclusion, ETK’s market entry support was crucial in helping the UK-based juice concentrate company achieve its goals of exporting to Africa through Nigeria. By providing a combination of market knowledge, local contacts, and ongoing support, ETK enabled the company to successfully enter the market and secure new business.

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